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Тема урока

Материалы для изучения

Домашнее задание


Эмоциональное состояние

Английский язык. 9 класс. "Английский в фокусе"

Module 7- exercise 2,3 page 106(read the text and find all types of phobias mentioned in it.)

ex.4 page 106-write down all highlighted words and phrases from the text and match them with their synonyms.

Make 5-6 sentences with the phrases in ex.5 page 106.
Send these sentences to 89788217962@mail.ru,please

Write down the unknown words from the text p.106-107 in your vocabularies and learn them by heart;
ex.6 p.106(find all types of phobias mentioned in the text)

(Ребята!Если появятся трудности в выполнении заданий или вопросы-пишите на почту 89788217962@mail.ru)
Всегда рада помочь!С уважением Боровик Г.А.


Эмоции.Служба экстренной помощи.

1.Write down the idioms (related to emotions) in your vocabularies:
• Be green with envy-позеленеть от зависти
• Be over the moon-быть безмерно счастливым
• Be scared to death-быть напуганным до смерти
• Go bright red-краснеть(от стыда)
• Go through the roof-сильно разозлиться
• Have a long face-выглядеть несчастным
• Have butterflies in one”s stomach-сильно нервничать
 2.Answer the questions, using idioms related to emotions,please:
How would you be  feeling if –
1.You had to give a speech in front of the whole school?
2.You got stuck in a lift?
3.You won first prize in a competition?
4.your friend told a lie about you?
5.you forgot the song”s words while singing in a concert?
3.Ex.7a page 106-fill in the idioms,then
 using the example in ex.7b  make your own sentences about people”s emotions.




Learn the idioms related to emotions by heart


Вопросы личной безопасности.
Условные предложения(0,1,2,3 тип)

1.Read the grammar rules (UNIT 7 page GR 14-GR 15 )in your textbook and make notes in your copybooks.
Условное предложение состоит из двух частей: условия и результата. Условие легко узнать, оно всегда начинается со слова if (если). Результат обычно сообщает нам, что будет, если выполнить условие. Существует 4 основных типа условных предложений в английском языке: нулевой (Zero Conditional), первый (First Conditional), второй (Second Conditional) и третий (Third Conditional). Во всех типах используются разные времена.
Watch these videos to revise the grammar material:


Make some notes, if you need.
2.Ex.1a,b page 110(orally)
3.Ex.4(orally), 5 page 110-111(in writing)

Open the brackets using the verbs in the correct form:
Laura (live) in a big city. If she (live) in the country, she (have) a dog. Laura (share) a flat with three other girls. But if it (be) possible, she (live) on her own. If she (live) in the country, she (buy) a little cot¬tage, and she (grow) her own flowers and vegetables. In town, she (travel) by underground and (go) shopping in big department stores, but she (not/like) this at all. If she (be) in the country, she (ride) her bike, and she (buy) things in the little village shop. She (love) walking and often (go) for a walk in town, but the streets are noisy. In the country, she (walk) across the fields with her dog.


Привычки питания и здоровья

How can people stay healthy? How healthy do you think you are? Do you have healthy habits? What could you do to be healthier?
1. Answer these questions after doing the quiz. (page 112 ex.1)(orally)
2.Write down the words and word combinations in your vocabularies,translate them:
Burn calories,cut down on sth, follow a diet,go on a diet,keep sth up,keep to sth,lose weight,low in,put on weight,take up,talk through,treat oneself,sip.(use Word List 19 Unit 7D to translate the words)
3.Continue the sentences:
If Alice decided to go on a diet,she……………
If I were you,….
If Tom put on weight…
If Alla doesn”t exercise regularly,she………….
If your uncle had drunk fewer fizzy drinks,……
If I walk to school instead of taking the bus,
If Max joined the gym last year,he……………..


Ex.4 page 112(orally),learn the words in your vocabularies by heart,
Watch the video and write down in your copy-books some tips how to be healthy-видео


За и против развлечений. Сочинение-рассуждение.

What is FOR-and-AGAINST essay?
It discusses the pros and cons of a specific topic. They are written in a formal style.
Read the theory(page 114 ex.1a),please.
Then answer the questions –ex.1b page 114.(orally)
Try to think of 2  arguments FOR banning violent computer games and 2 AGAINST.
Read the essay in ex.3 page 114 and find the topic sentences in each main body paragraph. Underline them,please.
Ex.5(in writing),ex.6(orally)

ex.9a/b page 115-Listen to David and Anna's opinions,please 
Write your essay,using the plan in ex.10 page 115


Преодоление страха. Словообразование

What dangerous animals can you name?
Read the texts at page 117.Write down the unknown words in your vocabularies and learn them by heart. Choose one animal to tell about according to a plan:
-where it lives;
-how it can be dangerous;
-how you can protect yourself;
Watch a video 
Видео к уроку and 
do some research. Make notes about a wild animal in your country and write a paragraph about it.
Read the theory in ex.2 page 116,then complete the gaps(1-5)with  the correct words derived from the words in brackets.




Решение проблем: телефон доверия.

Изучающее чтение

How do you deal with your problems? 
Have you ever called a helpline?
What are some of the common emotional or psychological problems that people your age face and 
what can they do to deal with them?
Answer the questions above after reading the text at page 9,Spotlight on Russia.
Write down the unknown words from the text in your vocabularies and learn them by heart.
Ex.3(check in Appendix 2),4 page 116(Check in the Word List)--(in writing)



Основы личной безопасности. 

Поисковое чтение. Сообщение на основе прочитанного

What do you think self-defence is?
Read the definition to check.(ex.1 page118)
Ex.3 page 118-Read the text “Protect yourself”.What is this text about?
Match the paragraphs to the headings.
Ex.5 page 119(in writing)
Learn the words in bold by heart(text “Protect yourself”,page 119)
Listen and read to make a list of things you should and should not do to protect yourself. Ex.6 page 119



Грамматический практикум.
Лексико-грамматический тест

Test (UNIT 7)
1. Match the idioms in column A to the correct emotion in column B.
1. be green with envy a. anger
2. be over the moon b. nervousness
3. have a long face c. jealousy
4. go through the roof d. happiness
5. have butterflies in one’s stomach e. sadness
2. Choose the correct item.
1. If I were you, I would take / will take an emergency kit on holiday.
2. When I go to Venice next year, I attend / will attend the Carnival.
3. If I had more time, I would join / would have joined the gym.
4. I wish Tom came / had come to your party.
5. If only I weren’t doing / am not doing my test on English now!
3. Complete the sentences using the correct tense
1. If we __________ (mix) blue and blue, we get green.
2. If we all _________ (use) public transport, pollution will be reduced.
3. If I wasn’t on a diet, I __________ (order) a dessert.
4. If you __________ (play) a team sport, you would be a lot fitter.
5. If you stop eating so much junk food, you _____________ (lose) weight.
4. Fill in : out of, up with, off, back, on :
1. Keep ………. the latest on home security systems to make sure your house is protected.
2. Ask your children to keep …….. the kitchen while you are cooking .
3. Keep ……….. wet floors, as they are quite slippery.
4. If a small fire starts in the kitchen or other part of the house tell children to keep ……. .
5. Keep ……….. reminding everyone in the family to lock all doors.
5. Fill in the correct prepositions ( in, from, to).
1. It is important to use sunblock on your skin to protect it … sunburn.
2. How do you manage to keep … good shape.
3. Drinking too little water can lead … headaches.
4. Sam still hasn’t recovered … his bad cold.
5. Don’t put any milk in Ann’s coffee; she is allergic … all dairy products.
6. What’s the English for:
1. общественное место
2. чрезвычайная ситуация
3. сделать ложный вызов
4. первая помощь
5. оставаться на линии